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The GenOmnis team has a strong experience in database design. They have participated to the creation of various databases and registries in the rare disease, the pharmacy and the oncogenetics fields.

These databases are either gene-centric (Locus Specific Databases or LSDB), global (national databases of variations collected from NGS experiments RDVD, BANCCO), patients-centric (international dysferlinopathies registry, French Marfan and related disorders registry, French FSHD observatory) or dedicated to laboratories (Bioinformatics system to manage a molecular laboratory from the samples to the reports - GESBIOL) or pharmacy (Management of behind-the-counter prescriptions - ADAGIO). These various systems were designed as multi-platform standalone systems, client/server based systems, or web-based  applications/databases. The contents range from small databases of few thousands of records to big data with billions of records.

GenOmnis can therefore help you to develop specific database architecture designed to store and handle your data. Because databases regulations vary between countries, each project is unique and should be matured with customers.

Because maintenance of hardware and software could be an issue for many laboratories, GenOmnis can also host and maintain all developed products on its own servers. 

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