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The Genomnis SAS company has developed partnerships with the French academic system. In order to support research worldwide, it has decided to provide free access to its products to academic researchers by giving them free tickets (see below). Concomitantly, other users have the choice between immediate access by obtaining tickets or standard access through specific annual licenses whose prices are decreasing according to the annual activity.

*A VCF file must contain a maximum of 300,000 variations from a single individual. **During a “sequence engineering” analysis, multiple parameters may be combined and evaluated for a single sequence with no extra charge. ***This feature allows the analysis of any sequence either human or not.

Academic researchers

Each validated registered academic user will receive personal free tickets annually:

  • GE-MA-01: 100 tickets

  • GE-VCF-0125 tickets

  • GE-SA01 tickets

Additional tickets may be purchased with a 50% discount, this reduction also applies to annual licensing options.

For large projects, collaborations could also be set-up to limit costs.

Other users

Other users may either buy tickets or acquire annual licenses.

Note that, as for academic users, tickets are personals while licenses belong to a company and can be shared between company’s users. They can include a specific or an unlimited number of tickets (annual subscription) and give access to the Genomnis systems via a Software As A Service (SaaS) mode.

No information related to users' queries is stored on our servers to ensure high confidentiality.

Nevertheless, companies may decide to adopt the on-premise option (no query information goes to Genomnis).

Other options are also available as company dedicated server and on-premise installation

Finally, specific conditions can be set-up as long-term licenses, licenses for large companies with multiple sites, etc. 

To know more about licensing, see the table above or contact us.

Software companies

Software companies willing to provide HSF data to their users through their own software/systems can use dedicated API. To do so, we have produced specific rules and partnership licenses. If you are interested, please contact us.

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